Enzyme Facial Review

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Today I want to do a review of enzyme facials which is a new service that I recently became aware of. An enzyme facial is a treatment where the natural renewal process of skin cells is sped up through dead cell exfoliation by applying a unique facial mask. The mask that is used for enzyme facials is a combination of enzymes (duh!) and herbal extracts. However, what components make up the product for your facial really depends on where you go and what products your esthetician uses. I have struggled with moderate acne for most of my life, regular facials have been a helpful part of my beauty routine on and off for several years. Over the years, I have found that certain products and treatments work better for my skin. Anyone aiming to better their skin may need to experiment to find what works best. Personally, enzyme facials work well for me, they may work for you too!

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Biogel Nails Review

For a few months now, I have been getting biogel nail fills and polish, I love them! However, they can be expensive for some and come with a few complications. If you’re thinking of getting biogel nails for yourself, click below to read about my experience.

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Fashion Nova Review

I’m sure that most have heard of the Fashion Nova brand at some point due to the heavy advertisements from celebrities and socialites on social media. After my exposure to ample advertisements, I was convinced that the brand had great clothing and I decided to buy something on Labour Day weekend because they had a large sale. I ordered the Paris Love Gingham Zip Pants, Burst of Adrenaline Dress and Dramatic Entrance Set. Click below to see my review.

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