The Haunting of Hill House: Who We Become Haunts Us

The Haunting of Hill House is a new Netflix Original that has the right balance of scary and meaningfulness. The show creatively pairs terrific horror with feelings of coming of age which I discuss in this article. Be for warned that this article has spoilers in it, but if you still want to read more, then click below!

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Astrology: What’s it all about?

A friend of mine suggested I read my astrological chart which was surprisingly introspective and fascinating! You can do yours as well for free at Of course, these sorts of readings aren’t meant to be taken to heart, they are merely a description of who you are based on astrological information. You may find, as I did, some aspects of your chart will hold a lot of truth while other parts don’t describe you at all. Also, I found that parts of my readings were true earlier in my life, but not so true now, and other parts were very relevant to me right now. Because of the unexpected accuracy, I decided to do some research on the topic to dig a little deeper on the subject. If this interests you, click below to read more!

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Feminism versus Bias

As of late, I have been hearing a lot of flack regarding particular situations where people interpret a bias as a violation of rights stemming from feminism. In this article, my aim is to explain why feminist rights violation is not the same as a bias influence. If this interests you, click below to read more!

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Is Social Media Harming Relationships?

In recent years, the Internet and social media has had an influence on how people interact, this includes romantic relationships. Change is a normal part of life, but some changes can have adverse effects. The question becomes, is social media harming relationships? My response to this question is yes because people aim to portray themselves as their best self on social media which has an immense impact on relationships. Click below to read more.

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