Biogel Nails Review

For a few months now, I have been getting biogel nail fills and polish, I love them! However, they can be expensive for some and come with a few complications. If you’re thinking of getting biogel nails for yourself, click below to read about my experience.

What I love most about biogel nails is the appearance. They make every outfit I wear look dressier and polished (pun intended!). I used to do my nails myself (I still do my toes) but I found that my fingernails would constantly be chipping or break if I tried to grow my nails out, it got to the point where it was more trouble than it was worth. With biogel nails, you can grow your nails long without having to worry about easy breakage, plus the colour will last until you get your nails done next, no matter how long you wait. There is an option to have no colour with bio gel nails if you want to have them looking natural. You can put nail polish on top of bio gel nails too, it’s safe to use nail polish and acetone remover with bio gel nails without loosening the product or breaking your nails. Lastly, because of the quality of biogel nails, you can get away with going to the salon once every 3-4 weeks, instead of every 2 weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow. I find that with shellac or regular nail polish I have to go every two weeks on the dot otherwise my nails would look worse than if I hadn’t gotten them done at all.

There are a few setbacks with biogel nails. For one thing, it can make daily tasks difficult if you’re not used to long nails. Of course, you can have them cut shorter, personally I like having mine longer. Over time, you will adjust, but sometimes mine can grow out too much making it difficult to type, text or do other basic tasks. Finger foods are a big no no too, food can easily get caught under your nails which is difficult to get out, even if you wash your hands. With biogel nails, you will have to get in the habit of moisturizing your hands often, to some this may be no big deal. I get hangnails or dry skin around my nails very easily which can compromise biogel nails. Because of the price of biogel nails, it’s crucial to take good care of them. The price of bio gel nails can be expensive for some, it definitely is a luxury expenditure like facials, massages or eyebrow shaping. For myself, I consider my nails the one thing I treat myself to.

All of that being said, I still love the look and feeling of long, manicured nails. As a final thought, if you are considering going to get your biogel nails done, I highly recommend doing your salon research beforehand and not to skimp. It has not happened to me, but I have heard that improper biogel application and sealing can cause fungus or bacteria to grow on your nails. Make sure to find a salon that ensures cleanliness and quality. Even if biogel nails is not something you see yourself getting on the regular, it’s a great treat for yourself and perfect for special events like weddings or graduation ceremonies. It’s important to treat yourself sometimes!

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