My Skin Care Routine

I have received compliments from my peers regarding my skin looking radiant and clear, because of this, I have decided to post my skincare routine! If this interests you, click to read more.

Everyday Routine

On a daily basis, I wash my face when I wake up and before I go to bed with a cleanser. I don’t have a specific cleanser brand, I try to buy a different brand and type from the drugstore every time I run out because it’s better for your skin to have change from time to time. Once my face is clean, I use moisturizer with SPF 15. Applying sunscreen to your skin has benefits other than protection from the sun.

Some people don’t like how washed out your face can look from SPF 15 moisturizer. If you have this problem, I recommend buying a regular moisturizer and a SPF moisturizer. Only use the SPF moisturizer before bed and use the regular moisturizer before you head out for the day.

2-3 Times a Week

Once or twice a week when I have time, I will use a facial mask after I shower. I use detox or firming face masks, however, there are tons of mask types out there that would work too. I usually buy face masks either from the drugstore or Winners. Surprisingly, Winners has a lot of cheap, all-natural skin care products, its worth checking out!

A few times a week, I will apply toner, witch hazel spray, vitamin E oil and tea tree oil to my face after I moisturize. I don’t do this everyday because it can clog your pores if too much oil and other product is applied. All of these products can be found at a drugstore, although you may have to search a bit.

Other Tips

Stay hydrated! Drinking lots of water is good for a lot of things including healthy skin. You don’t have to drink copious amounts of water, I usually just sip a little bit every now and then while I’m at work and try to drink a glass with every meal.

Get into a routine. Even if it’s not my skin care routine, your skin responds well to regular, scheduled care. If you are always doing your skin care routine at odd times your body can’t adjust.

Break outs are normal. With stress and hormones, breakouts are going to happen. Try not to panic, maintain your routine and in a few days all your blemishes will clear up. Breaking out is completely normal from time to time, plus you’re probably the only one who notices!

Experiment. Certain people’s skin responds well to certain products and treatment. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working, try a new brand or product and assess the results. Plenty of companies have free samples or small sizes for purchase that can assist with your experimentation.

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