Fashion Nova Review

I’m sure that most have heard of the Fashion Nova brand at some point due to the heavy advertisements from celebrities and socialites on social media. After my exposure to ample advertisements, I was convinced that the brand had great clothing and I decided to buy something on Labour Day weekend because they had a large sale. I ordered the Paris Love Gingham Zip Pants, Burst of Adrenaline Dress and Dramatic Entrance Set. Click below to see my review.

Despite what advertisements say, their pants are not ideal for curvy girls as they have little stretch. Their sizing charts are inaccurate too, the pants did not fit even though I ordered the correct size for my body. Even though the models are curvy and seem to fit perfectly into the clothes, I could barely get a leg into the pants!

The dress I ordered wasn’t terrible looking and fit better than the pants, although, it was made from very cheap material. Because there were two layers to the dress, the fabric kept shifting every time I moved.

I saved the best for last, the bra and panty combination was the best out of the haul. It fit well and wasn’t uncomfortable, but the material is pretty cheap and some of the dye transferred to my skin. This is the only garment I kept because dye transferring is not uncommon with new clothes and can be fixed by washing a few times.

The other two garments I returned. To my utter annoyance, there was no return label included in the package which meant I had to pay for the return of the items. This is something I’ve never had to do with online shopping before! My order was over the price limit for free shipping so I’m not sure why the return wasn’t included.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend Fashion Nova clothing. It is cheap, doesn’t fit well and the brand is based entirely on successful marketing. Don’t make the same mistake I did, your money is better spent elsewhere!

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